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Detail page: INCREASED BENEFITS–For students, new & established practitioners


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Table of Contents–Art of PM
Book Reviews–Art of PM
Sample Chapters–Art of PM
Table of Contents–Practice Plan
Syllabus for Self-Study –Reading/Written Plan

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STUDENTS AND PRACTITIONER FEEDBACK: If you have seen and worked with these materials, we encourage you to give feedback to the Dean and your practice management instructors if you would like to see these materials used in your practice management classes and they have not yet been brought into your classes.

The Art of Practice Management for Acupuncture Health Care Practices
- Book, 516 pages


The Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Holistic Practice Management Plan Format
Professional Level Plan, 325 pages.

Discounts:When purchased with the Art of Practice Management book, 3 ring binder plan is $56.25, and spiral bound plan is $45.



The Art of Practice Management book with the Practice Plan:

THE ART OF PRACTICE MANAGEMENT FOR ACUPUNCTURE HEALTH CARE PRACTICES is no ordinary dry business book. It bridges the soul and spirit of the East with business and management of the West.

  • Just as the same Oriental system of thought applicable to your healing practice transforms your perception of healing, its applicability in this book transform your perception of “business” to work more naturally for you. No ordinary dry business book, the authors in this book bridge the soul and spirit of the East with business and management of the West.

    For example, the understanding of practice management, development and success is framed in the context and language of yin and yang principles, 8 directions, three treasures, and five elements. This holistic view expands the view of the workings of practice from what was formerly limited in western terminology to the nuts and bolts of practice. Furthermore, the book and the plan are designed to provide full preparation to enter and maintain successful practices. The concept of "business" itself changes in the process of reading, writing, inquiring, listening and working with the materials.

  • Designed to be A Primary Hands-On Resource at critical and key moments. The text helps students, new and established practitioners make clear choices at "critical and key moments," both in the situation and in forward- planning–now– and over the life of one's practice.

  • Designed to open your senses, to help you question, digest and receive what masterful practice is. Checking the text out briefly from the library can't give the learner the kind of incubation necessary to absorb and apply the information. Lectures and seminars on practice management can't replace being able to reference the information when you need it. Purchasing the materials from the time you are a student, then living and working with them over time is probably your greatest ally.


  • Designed to provide the foundation of successful practice. The text contains the seed thoughts of a number of master practitioners who have reputable successful practices and understand the energy of what clarifies and moves the practice creatively.

  • Designed to provide deeper understanding and applicability in successful practice. The text and plan used together allow the learner to engage more of his or her senses for deeper learning–reading, listening, asking, sensing, writing–particularly vital in practice preparation or class time when the habit patterns in practice management are being established.

  • Designed to free up ” focus group” or classroom time for more interactive participation and meaningful discussion. The comprehensive materials provide the foundation and expertise on a broad range of issues, policies, procedures and approaches. These materials further facilitate the surfacing of issues and deeper understandings for discussion. Providing reading and writing homework in these materials can free the instructor to shift from the role of authority to that of facilitator in the group or class room. The time and energy of the classes can be directed to more interactive participation and meaningful discussion, thereby meeting more directly the needs and concerns of the individuals and group.

  • The Holistic Practice Plan meets the evidence of competency– necessary for successful practice–and necessary to meet accreditation requirements in the area of practice management. Doing the work in the Practice plan provides the evidence of competency in practice management, as well as applicability to one's own practice.

  • Designed to be available and used by both instructor and student to prepare for success. In 20-20 hindsight, many practitioners look back and wish the books were required and not just optional in their practice management classes. At a time when potential practitioners have a tendency to be penny wise-pound foolish in making their purchase choices, required reading in the book and doing the success plan, which is known to increase competency and confidence, could have made the difference in their struggling or accelerating their practices.

  • Designed To be used at the student preparation level and by the most advanced practitioner.


  • Designed to create a successful practice plan. To create a successful practice plan from scratch takes substantial time, energy and a great deal of skill on your part. Building-from-scratch type of plans may not have all the elements of success, particularly ones created normally by novices or business-challenged healers. Your students have the benefit of the wisdom from many masters writing for the Art of PM text and consultants who have gotten proven results with the professional level health care practice plan, such as The AOM Holistic PM Plan.

  • Designed to be used step by step. The syllabus links specific reading in the text
    with each one of the 22 areas in the Plan so you can move intelligently in manageable steps.

  • Designed to help you access the Blueprint for Your Practice. This Plan doesn't fit you into a box, it brings out your uniqueness. This is no ordinary plan and text combination.

  • Designed to transform your awareness of successful practice in the process. It is the layout, profound and essential questions and choices in the plan which makes it so transforming for you and for your practice.

  • To be a consciousness-raising plan, increasing your competency and confidence levels, not just be a crunch the numbers and statistics plan. It helps you discern what you don't know that you don't know so that you can find out what you need to know to become a more consciously competent practitioner.

  • Designed to bring your mind to clear focus in relationship to your practice. Your consciousness comes to focus at the point of your pen through your words and intention. The plan is the focusing vehicle.

  • To get you organized! It provides long term savings, not only in time, energy, and money, but freedom from costly mistakes in practice. Can you really afford not to have this text and plan?

  • Designed to work with attitudes of attracting and repelling, continuity of care, accessing your inner knowing, tuning in with your nature and the environement, and opening your experience of abundance–including ways of opening up to who you want to attract, how you build your referral network and empowering your patients to a state of well-being.

  • To both be process-oriented and achieve successful results: Focussed awareness in preparation, planning and professional practice = Conscious competency, increased confidence, increased flow of clear energy through your practice which transmits to your patients through greater synergistic and centering on the practitioner's part.


  • Wisdom thought, focussed intention, and destiny merge. The seed thoughts of the Art of PM with the focus of intention and thought in the practice plan infuse with your destiny–a powerful way in which internal thought transmits to external form.
  • Generates awareness in action in procedure, in policy, in practice, and in rapport = satisfied and enthusiastic patients = referrals = Successful Reputable Practice.


Absolutely. Put it in perspective.
The Plan is a professional level plan equivalent in quality and available only in expensive ($2,000) practice management programs provided in other fields. The AMA charges approximately $150 for 3 125-150 page practice management books on subjects covered in The Art of PM for Acupuncture Health Care Practices. This is not even for a practice plan. The time, energy and money saved from costly mistakes is well worth it and the materials are equivalent in cost paid for by one initial patient visit. The value of the materials last over the life of your practice.

The Art of Practice Management book, 8 1/2" X 11", 516 pages is $59.50.

The Holistic Practice Management Plan Format sells at $75.
Exceptions when PURCHASED TOGETHER with the Art of PM:
3 ring binder version of the Plan is $56.25.
Spiral bound plan is $45.

Weigh the value with the cost of successful practice. A great investment and value for practice success!

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