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David Kailin's Acupuncture Risk Management addresses the core of competency and compliance and "Best practices" in the actual practicing of acupuncture itself and Oriental medical health care in the context of America.

Acupuncture Risk Management
The Essential Practice Standards & Regulatory Compliance Reference
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Author David Kailin states he will not be reproducing this book. We are out of stock. Try existing school bookstores or libraries. He will be producing another book for a larger field projected for Nov.-Dec. 2004 titled Quality In Complementary And Alternative Health Care.



For every acupuncture student, new or established acupuncturist or Oriental Medicine practitioner in America, complementary medical providers employing an acupuncturist, medical administrators, insurers, and health care regulatory agencies.

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The standards for acupuncturists and oriental medical practitioners have been identified, transformed, and up leveled in concert with this book's entrance in 1997, just prior to acupuncture's recognition in America's CPT standards for codified insurance reimbursement. Acupuncturists are now answerable to these new standards of compliance of medical and regulatory bodies, mainstream medical institutions, reimbursement plans, as well as the public. Hence, practice management training including risk management, would be inadequate without this book. Acupuncturists in America who are ignorant of new regulatory standards of compliance stand on dangerous ground. If you missed this book in school, if your apprentices, and employees have not read this book, or you interface in other positions with acupuncturists, it is an indispensable reference book.

For Health Professional Educational Programs: The standards for acupuncture scope of practice, procedures, equipment use, risk avoidance, and regulatory compliance, etc. addressed in this book may be tested upon by the NCCAOM exam for acupuncture licensing.. A vital class within the field of practice management, Ethics and Risk Management, warrants this text.

The author defines the legal, actual and projected risks, contraindications, and best strategies for compliance and competency. He discusses the scope of risk management, the context of the risks, be it location, risks of employees, risks with records and billing, medical advice, interpersonal aspects, nature of duties, negligence, primary care status, dilemma of nonstandard medicine and standards of care; FDA regulations, technical aspects of treatment, including sterilization, disinfection, and hazardous material protocols; legal regulations regarding assessing, treating, and recommendation aspects of acupuncture practice. He expertly addresses what you literally can and cannot do legally with various classes of procedures and devices, addressing those labeled or non-labeled and experimental ranging from acupuncture needles, moxibustion, cupping, coining, herbs and dietary supplements use, acupressure, electroacupuncture, laser and magnetic devices, sterilization and disinfection, hygienic and other safety practices. Size: 9" x 5.5", Text 335 pages, Hardcover


Table of Contents

1. Dimensions of Risk & Benefit
2. Scope of Risk Management
3. Context of Risk
4. Physical Plant
5. Employers & Employees
6. Bloodborne Pathogens
7. Records & Billing
8. Medical Advice
9. Medical Emergencies
10. Interpersonal Aspects of Treatment
11. Legal Aspects of Treatment
12. FDA Regulations
13. Technical Aspects of Treatment
14. Acupuncture Needles
15. Moxibustion
16. Cupping
17. Coining
18. Herbs & Dietary Supplements
19. Acupressure
20. Electroacupuncture
21. Laser Devices
22. Magnetic Devices

Appendices including Forms & Examples OSHA Hazzard Communication & OSHA
Bloodborne Pathogens Standard.

Comparison and Complementary use of Risk Management and Safe Practice books

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