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Risk Management and Safe Practice Planning – For student to the most advanced practitioner.

By Cynthia Flint Bestani
with Dr. Peter G. Fernandez &
Neil Gumenick, M.Ac. (UK) Lic.Ac. (NCCAOM)

for Acupuncture Health Care Practices -
516+ page book.

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The Acupuncture & OM
Work book

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Excerpts from a Book Review by By
Kabba Anand, DAc, LAc, Dipl.Ac., Dipl.Ch (NCCAOM)
Co-chair for the NCCAOM 2001-2 Published in Acupuncture Today October 2001

I came across two recently published books that offer a wonderful foundation for all practitioners. Both books The Art of Practice Management For Acupuncture Health Care Practices by Cynthia Flint Bestani, Peter Fernandez and Neil Gumenick, and its companion, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Holistic Practice Management Plan Format (written just by Ms. Bestani), offer encouragement, guidance and support, whatever your level of experience. You will find that these books support your practical business skills, which for many may not have been adequately taught in school.

Many overlook the value and focus a practice plan can bring. Among other things, it serves as a guide to finding your optimum work environment.

In an ethics class I recently taught, I recommended these books, as they masterfully describe both the identification and resolution of ethical issues. Accountability and the legal ramifications of unprofessional conduct are well described.

Recommended for ethics and practice management classes, and for long term use over the life of the practice.

The Art of PM book and the Holistic Practice Plan are designed to move a practitioner from the different levels of competenceunconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, unconscious competence and finally conscious competence in every area of preparation for clearer professional practice.

The materials help us each get clear on what to be aware of, how to what to build into practice and why to do it. These materials address questions, ethics and safe practice considerations that we might not normally think to address, particularly in areas of practice in which we don't know we don't know-or we don't even think to ask or consider.




TOGETHER The Art of PM and the Holistic Practice Plan are designed to clarify practitioner expectations of not only their roles and that of their patients, but emergency measures, how we measure patient progress, how we set up the dynamic of the therapeutic relationship, how we address managed care ethical issues, whether or not we use correct documentation, and to test our knowledge of health care practice moral and legal requirements, including the gray areas, such as right to life issues and many others issues.

86 pages of the 516 of the Art of PM book are specifically devoted to Ethics, Standards of Care, Risk Management and Safe Practice Planning. The remainder of the book contains the steps with these approaches, including policies, and procedures to implement ethical safe and reputable practice.

A Syllabus links the Art of PM and the Holistic Practice Plan together, The Practice Plan adresses scope of practice issues and can be further enhanced by using the laws and regulatory aspects developed on the links section of the From Tao to Earth website.


How Does the Health Professional's Practice Management Plan Format relate to ethics and risk management? Why is it important to use it with the Art of Practice Management book?

The Plan shows the understanding and "evidence of competency," including how the student or practitioner would carry out ethics and risk management in his or herpractice. The Art of PM provides the consistent foundational teaching necessary to fill in a well designed practice plan. Teaching alone doesn't insure competency. The Plan offers the best blueprint for tpractice success.

Designers of the Practice Plan include input from risk management author, David Kailin, and attorney. Jerry Green, who specializein responsibility training for physicians and alternative health care providers.

The whole of the practice plan was designed to meet accreditation competence requirements in all the areas required by the ACAOM (Accreditation Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) and most likely it meets the accreditation criteria for other health care fields.

Result: Greater confidence and awareness attracting those patients who would come into a practitioner's clearer energy field.

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Table of ContentsArt of PM
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What Do the APM and Practice Plan Accomplish?
Recommendations for use in classes
Syllabus for Reading/Writing assignments

Ethics and Risk Management
ACAOM Accredited Training Applicability

Table of ContentsArt of PM book
Table of ContentsPlan
Increased Benefits of Book/Practice Plan in class
Other Book reviews
Sample Chapters

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