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Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine: 


By: Cynthia Flint Bestani
Practice Management
Health Care Consultant

The Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine:
Work book


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Table of Contents of Practice Plan
Syllabus for use with the Art of PM Book
Benefits of use with the Art of PM Book

Table of Contents–Art of PM
Book reviews–Art of PM


Table of Contents of Practice Plan
Increased Benefits Book/Practice Plan in class

What Do the Book and Practice Plan Accomplish?
Recommendations for use in classes
Class Syllabus for Reading/Writing Assignments
Use in Ethics and Risk Management classes
ACAOM Accredited Training Applicability

Table of Contents of the Art of PM book
Book reviews of the Art of PM book
Sample Chapters of the Art of PM book

Students: Strongly recommended by the author to begin opening to "practice management awareness with meditative thinking and questioning" during the cycle you are most open to absorbing, learning, and developing good habits. Avoid the ignorance that begets struggling and unconscious incompetence which can ruin the practice.

New Practitioners: If you didn't get the P.M. Plan Format in school with Vol. 1 & 4, this set is the focusing tool to get practices up and running consciously, quickly, with clear intention, awareness and action! Avoid costly mistakes in the beginning.

Established Practitioners: Use to move to the next level of your practice! Along with the background of Vol. 1 & 4, the P.M .Plan Format takes the approach of inquiring into the self, helps you personally assess your practice, and work with your changing energies and the energies of the practice, add or subtract what's needed for the cycle or seaons of practice--Winter, Spring, Summer, Indian Summer, or Autumn.

Practice Management Instructors: Recommended as fill-in weekly assignments leading to the completion of an outstanding term project: "The Practice Management Plan." Use to supplement reading, particularly Vol. 1 & 4, and Risk Management. The fill-in format reveals honesty and competency levels, as well as can be used to stimulate class room discussion. Meets ACAOM accreditation competency requirements


# of pages

# of pages
Holistic Fill-in Format
Forward: Priorities & Directions
11 9 Your Financial Plan 9
1 Resume and Self Review 34 10 Proposed Financing of the Practice 5
2 The Professional Statement 4 11 Managing Oneself, One's Team 9
3 Your Profession 1 12 Professional Assistance 1
4 Ethical & Legal Aspects of Practice 18 13 Your Location Plan & Office Space Plan 17
5 Continuity of Care Approach 18 14 Equip., Furnishings, Supplies Requirements 15
. . Safe Practice Planning 15 Your Professional Fee Schedule 10

6 Practice Presentation

  • Specialty, Type of Practice
  • Who you want to Attract
  • Your Service Concept
  • UniqueAdvantages
15 16 Financial Bookkeeping System & Policies 12
17 Patient Orientation & Education 6
18 Insurance Program 13
19 Service and Products Development 11
20 A Holistic Practice Assessment 36
7 Health Care Market Research & Findings 6 21 Legal Structure of the Practice 6
8 Health Care Marketing & Referral P lan 30 22 Business Projections 13

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